Zambra Skybar

Our mixologists prepare exquisite and innovative proposals that will immerse you in a world of exciting flavours and sensations.
Come and feel the sky inside you!

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M.C. Visión
Vodka Ketel One, Chambord, pineapple juice, lemon juice, liquid sugar. “Sweet”
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Jinsu Gin, Yuzu liqueur, purée de lychee, lime juice. “Cítric & with oriental notes”
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Sweet Bloom
Bloom Gin, Gran Marnier, Lime Cordial, lavender syrup, lemon juice, egg white. “Fruity & floral”
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Apple Woodford
Whiskey Woodford Reserve, apple purée, cucumber syrup, lime juice, top of Ginger Beer. “Cítric”
Barceló Imperial Rum, Dubonet, cranberry juice, lime juice, chai tea, simple syrup. “Seasoned & with character”
Punch (to share)
Gvine Gin, red fruits, orange, kombucha of red fruits, orange juice, cava. ” Fruity & Organic”
Zambra Cocktail
Vodka Ciroc, Pedro Ximénez, egg white infused with roses, blackberry syrup, lime juice. ” With body and delicate”
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Alma GF
Aldea Familia Rum, red wine Presas Ocampo Viñedos Propios, grilled pineapple jam, Canarian potatoes, cinnamon, Amaretto Disaronno, raspberry syrup. ” Sophisticated & with its own identity”
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Mojito Twist
Aperol, grapefruit juice, liquid sugar, mint & soda. ” Refreshing”
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Porno Star
Vanilla Absolut Vodka, Passoa Liqueur, passion fruit purée, lemon juice, orange juice, accompanied by a shot of cava. ” Fruity”
Expreso Martini
Absolut, Kahlua, liquid sugar, express coffee. ” Intense”
Daiquiris, Margarita, Mojitos / Frozen / Flavours
” Refreshing”
Cocktail to your taste
Ask for your preferred cocktail.
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Brockmans & Hibiscus tonic
Brockman Gin, hibiscus tonic, lime y cinnamon. ” Fruity”
Zacapa 23 & Orange
Zacapa Solera 23 Rum, Royal Bliss orange, a twist of orange and cinnamon. ” With body”
Macallan 12 & Ginger Ale
Macallan 12, Ginger Ale.” Tradicional”
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Liqueur 43 & Ginger Ale
Liqueur 43, Ginger Ale & a twist of lime ” Sweet”
Passoa & Orange
Passoa Liqueur(passion fruit), orange soda, a twist of orange. ” Fresh”
Diplomático & Ginger
Rum Diplomático, Fever Tree Ginger Beer, a twist of orange. ” Seasoned”
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Iberian Ham
A ration of 100 gr Iberian Ham accompanied by tomato toasts.
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12 varied pieces with soy and wasabi.
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Ventresca salad
Sprouts, endive, tomato, fruit, tuna ventresca, chef's vinaigrette (male vinegar, Abona olive oil and minced bell pepper). Accompanied with salt and bell pepper.
Cheese Board
Variety of Manchego & international cheeses accompanied by black cherry marmalade.
Nachos with cheese
Nachos with grated cheese & guacamole.
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